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Darken the vision in your non-dominant eye

One of the obstacles many shooters encounter is the natural tendency of the non-dominant eye to focus on our surroundings. With both eyes trying to focus on a nearby point simultaneously, some people experience double vision, which is not suitable for precision.


Why shoot with both eyes open? 

If you already know what your dominant eye is, our recommendations are: 

Whenever possible (ignoring left-handed people), it should be pointed as naturally and keeping both eyes open towards the point where we want to shoot with the sight of our rifle.

 It is highly recommended that from the beginning, we get used to practicing shooting keeping both eyes open, always with prior verification that the directing vision coincides with the cheekbone of the rifle support.


This will bring us essential advantages to hit our shot, since:

 – We do not reduce our visual field because when we close one eye, we are reducing our visual field by approximately 25%

 – We will have the ability to measure distances. Calculating how far away the target is essential, which is impossible with a closed eye.

– Shooting with both eyes open also fundamentally helps us in the emotional sphere. The act of closing one eye notably increases our feeling of insecurity and, therefore, of stress, not a good thing for the hunter or the shooter when taking their shots.


Although it is not usual, for a specific group of right-handed people, their dominant eye is the left, which prevents them from shooting with their eyes open, something fundamental for the shotgun, for example, since both eyes allow the depth of movement of the target to be calculated while shooting. 



It is advisable for this group of people to shoot with a carbine specially made for left-handed people, or by default, an ambidextrous carbine.

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