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So you’ve decided to purchase a gun for everyday carry (EDC). The next step will be how to select the best EDC for yourself; this can be quite a difficult decision, and having an experienced shooter with you could make the process much easier.

However, if you’re going at it alone, here are a few factors to consider to make the right decision. 

#1- Gun Size
Size is a big deal when it comes to selecting an EDC. This is because you only have a limited amount of space to accommodate your firearm. 

Handguns typically come in: full-size (largest size), compact, and sub-compact (smallest size) versions. The different sizes give you an array of options to choose from – depending on your preferences.
Smaller handguns are easier to conceal, so that’s worth considering if you’re the kind of person interested in a concealed carry. 

#2- Gun weight
Comfort is king when it comes to EDCs, and walking around with a full-size steel-framed handgun on your hip is not going to be comfortable – carrying a gun shouldn’t be a weight-lifting exercise. So those models are not entirely bad, they’re not fit for everyday carry, in my opinion. 

For purposes of EDC, experts recommend going for something a little bit lighter. And you can do this in one of two ways. First is going for a smaller size – as previously discussed.

The second way to reduce the weight of your handgun is to look for models made with lighter material.

For example, polymer-framed handguns are more fit for everyday carry because they are lighter than metal framed models. 

Picking the right gun weight should be done with respect to your frame. If you have a small frame, you should probably go for something light. 

It is pretty funny to watch someone struggle to control their gun because of its weight. You don’t want your gun kicking you in the face in an emergency. 

#3- Capacity
Remember that scene in a movie where the good guy runs out of ammo in the middle of a gunfight? Yeah, we all do. 

It’s always interesting to watch our movie heroes improvise in the face of insufficient ammunition, but in real life, that is a potentially life-threatening disaster. 

This is why magazine capacity should be a deciding factor in choosing an EDC. In emergencies, eight rounds may not be enough to neutralize a threat (or multiple threats). 

Experienced firearm instructors advise that you take no chances with your magazine capacity and get a handgun with as much capacity as possible.

For example, the P365 gives you the option of 10 – 12 rounds plus one in the chamber in a small (easily concealable) platform. 

Your magazine capacity could save your life in an emergency; you consider it when selecting your EDC.

#4- Grip Size
The grip size is one factor that most gun users overlook during gun shopping. However, the truth is that not every firearm owner has the same size hands.

There are those with large hands and those with medium and small hands. These different hand sizes require firearms that suit them.

When shopping for a gun, you need to go for pistol grips that ‘fit’ into your hands comfortably. Go for stability and something that you can confidently operate. 

In conclusion, a firearm is a personal item, and you’ll need to find what works for you specifically. So it’s not all about finding ‘mad specs.’ It’s more about finding something you will be comfortable with. 

Before you visit the gun shop, you should at least have an idea of your needs in terms of size, capacity, grip size, and weight. Remember, you’re not looking for crazy specifications; you’re looking for something that ‘fits.’ 

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