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There comes a point when nearly everyone with a concealed carry permit stops and wonders, “should I carry a backup gun?” This thought is a fair one and may have been sparked by any number of influences, like news reports, a story from a friend, or even a scene in a TV show. But is it really worth carrying a backup gun? As a leading maker of custom Kydex gun holsters, On Your 6 Designs has put some thought into this question. Let’s look at the merits of a backup gun.

The Philosophy of the Backup Gun

When you find yourself in a high stakes self-defense situation, you really won’t know what to expect until it happens. But that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for it. A backup gun allows you to react to changes in your situation quickly and efficiently. For instance, should your primary firearm run out of ammo or suffer from a jam, you can rely on your backup gun. For some, pulling a second gun might be faster than reloading, allowing them to practice a “New York reload” instead. There’s also the peace of mind that comes from having another self-defense tool when you need it most.

Things to Consider

If the idea of a backup gun is more than idle thought, keep these items in mind.

  • Carrying a second gun means added expenses. You likely invested good money into your primary weapon, ammo, a concealed carry holster, and training. Do you have the resources to support a second weapon?
  • You’ll need to spend more time training. That means developing the muscle memory to draw a nice firearm from a holster that’s in a separate location on your body. Do you have the time to practice with two firearms at the range?
  • Concealing two firearms can be difficult. You probably won’t be able to carry two pistols on your belt discreetly. This means you might have to use ankle or shoulder holsters. These may not be practical for your region’s weather and climate. Off-the-body carry is an option but presents its own challenges. Are you ready to change your habits to carry a backup gun?

If you are ready to add a backup gun to your everyday carry tools, then it’s time to figure out which firearm and how to carry it.

What Should You Carry?

Like your primary concealed carry firearm, carry the backup gun you feel most confident and capable with and can conceal readily. Your primary firearm might be a full-size 1911, but we think you’ll be hard-pressed to conceal two of those convincingly.

In general, smaller is better when it comes to backup guns. The subcompact and micro categories of pistols are filled with great choices in proven calibers like 9mm and .380. The size of these pistols makes them easy to conceal in an ankle holster or even in a pocket. It’s never a bad idea to visit your local gun store and handle a few “pocket pistols” to see which one is comfortable in your hands.

Where to Conceal Your Backup Gun

Where you carry your backup gun depends on a few things, like where you carry your primary gun, how you dress, and what you do. That said, some common places for storing your backup gun include:

  • Pockets
  • Purses or backpacks
  • Jacket or shoulder holsters
  • Ankle holster

Think about whether you stand or sit for most of the day. If you’re in and out of vehicles all day, a pocket holster might be inconvenient, but a car mounted holster would be ideal.

Do You Really Need a Backup Gun?

It’s always important to ask yourself is this something you really need. In some cases, a backup gun can actually make your day-to-day life more difficult and less safe. Since they are harder to conceal, you have more chances to draw unwanted attention. It can also be difficult to secure two firearms if you have to go to a “gun free” zone like a post office. That said, there are those in certain fields who might benefit from a backup gun. Off-duty cops might like having one near at hand. High profile individuals or their protection personnel might need one.

You should devote some serious thought as to whether a backup gun will help or hinder your self-defense efforts. Whatever you decide, trust your decision, and dedicate time, energy, and resources into training to the best of your abilities with your self-defense tools.

Custom Concealed Carry Holsters For Your Needs

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