Custom Concealed Carry Holsters – Dressed For Success: Business Casual Concealed Carry

There’s no denying that the dress code for most workplaces is relaxing. What used to be considered attire strictly for casual Fridays can now be worn on Monday. But not everyone has the option to wear loose and comfortable T-shirts for 40 hours a week. For many firearm owners, they face the challenge of wanting to conceal their firearm on them at work but still maintain their professional appearance.

Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to get around this issue. At On Your 6 Designs, we’re always developing new ways to more effectively conceal your firearm, so let’s dissect some ways you can look sharp while still staying ready for anything.

Disclaimer: We would be remiss if we didn’t first address the issue of firearms in the workplace. Your job may not allow you to keep a firearm with you onsite, concealed or not. It’s your responsibility to check with your employer before concealing a firearm at work.

Re-Evaluate Your Carry Gun

Everyone carries a different firearm for different reasons. But in some cases, you have to choose the right tool for the job, in this case, somewhat literally.

If you typically turn to full-size handguns for concealed carry, you may have to select a different firearm during work hours. Let’s face it, dress clothes look best when they fit well and have a slimming effect on your appearance. A full-sized handgun can interrupt the visual lines of a business casual outfit.

Consider using a compact, or even sub-compact pistol or revolver. Not only are they thinner in most cases, they often aren’t as tall or long, meaning they fit more naturally along the hip or even in your pocket.

Bring The Blazer Back

While light jackets and blazers have slowly faded from most people’s workplace attire, it’s still a classy garment that looks good with more casual outfits. Not only do they look great, but they’re also a superb cover garment for your concealed firearm.

A well-fitted blazer for concealed carry is not too tight but not too loose either. This prevents the fabric of the jacket from pressing tightly only the outline of your firearm which can lead to printing. Similarly, a well-fitted blazer also doesn’t billow around you, which means material could get caught on your pistol, which might reveal it to those around you.

Most who conceal carry in a blazer elect to carry their pistol or revolver on their strong side hip, or the 3 or 9 o’clock position. This allows the blazer to cover most of the firearm while still providing rapid access to it when needed.

Look For Clothes Dedicated to Concealed Carry

If the options above don’t quite work for you, you can look for business casual options from the myriad of specialty stores and manufacturers that create concealed carry clothing. These brands often have shirts and pants that look nice but are still practical for carrying a firearm. This might be a great option for some.

Take a Trip to the Tailor’s

Another way to make concealed carry easier in business clothes is to have your clothes fitted and adjusted at a tailor. This method is often one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to make concealed carry in business casual clothes easier. As an added benefit, your clothes will fit better and you’ll looker nicer at work.

Before you head to your closest tailor, make sure you ask in advance that they’re willing to work with you and your firearm. Some might be nervous about the idea, but others won’t flinch.

Tailors can make a variety of adjustments to your clothing that make it easier for you to carry a firearm. For instance, they can add extra length to the hem of your shirts. They can put layers of stiff fabric on the insides of your jackets to prevent printing. They can take in or let out parts of the garment in order to accommodate a variety of holster types.

Concealed Holsters Tailor-Made For Your Firearm

On Your 6 Designs offers custom-made holsters that are designed to fit your particular firearm. No matter the brand or model, we can craft a Kydex holster that offers excellent retention, protection, and ease of use. Order your custom Kydex holster today!

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