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The lightest and warmest bag, no matter the trip

Western Mountaineering manufactures a broad range of down sleeping bags perfect for any camping or backpacking trip. WM’s ExtremeLite series features bags with weights less than 1 lb., making them the perfect option for long-distance backpackers. The Microfiber series strikes the perfect balance of breathability, water resistance, and durability for a range of activity levels. Though GEAR:30 doesn’t currently sell any products in the GWS (Gore Windstopper) series, these bags are ideal in extreme conditions.

Water-repellant goose down

Since the beginning, Western Mountaineering has always felt that high fill power goose down is the best insulation material available. This natural fiber, while highly variable in nature, provides more warmth per ounce than any other material. WM has a commitment to humanely sourcing goose down from a mother goose farm in Eastern Europe, where the plumage is gathered from a nesting area while the geese are roaming.

Made in the USA

Started over 50 years ago by two northern California mountaineers, Western Mountaineering remains a small, hands-on company today. A handful of thoughtful details set these sleeping bags apart, including a more contoured hood opening that lies closer to the face, an extra-lofty feel, and a V-Block Side Baffle in winter bags that ensures positive down control on the top, bottom, and sides of the bag.

The Alpinlite bag is filled with premium goose down, only weights 1 lb. and 15 oz., and is perfect for side sleepers due to it’s wider mummy shape. Learn more about this bag:

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