The best mountain biking trails near Ogden – GEAR:30

1. Valley Market to Windsurfer Beach via the North Arm Trailhead

Distance: About 3 miles
A mostly flat trail that crosses over creeks and meanders along the west shore of Pineview Reservoir, this is a great trail to induct a first-time mountain biker.

2. Fruit Loops

Distance: About 1 mile each
A mountain biking trail system in Fruit Heights consisting of a beginner loop track on the outside and three downhill flow trails inside the loop, beginners can repeat this ride until they feel more comfortable on their mountain bike.

3. Brim Trail 

Distance: About 6.5 miles
With gorgeous views of the valley from 8,000 feet, Powder Mountain’s Brim Trail is one of the most scenic mountain biking trails in Utah.

1. Sardine Peak Trail

Distance: About 8 miles, with an optional 0.5-mile spur at the top
Well-maintained and offering gorgeous views of Pineview Reservoir, this trail is basically everyone’s local favorite (for good reason).

2. The Sentry Loop Trail on Antelope Island

Distance: About 5.6 miles
The only downside to biking this trail—which overlooks Antelope Island’s unique scenery—is that a bison might cut you off, but wildlife observation is half the fun.

3. Big Ern 

A blue-rated jump line, Big Ern is one of three premier, lift-served trails at Powder Mountain’s new Dirt Mountain. Watch the video below to see the trail from top to bottom, and don’t forget to stop by Hidden Lake Lodge after your ride for tacos and beer.

1. North & South Skyline Trail

Distance: North – about 7.5 miles, South – about 8.2 miles
Ready to climb? The uphill part of these trails is no joke (much of it climbs in excess of a 10% grade), but the descent is fast and flowy. Great views will reward you for your efforts.

2. Inspector Lee 

Dirt Mountain’s first black downhill trail, this one is named after Jackie Chan’s iconic character in the Rush Hour movie franchise. Bring your A-game!

3. Icebox Canyon

Distance: About 1 mile
This fun, challenging section features hairpin turns and tree and rock obstacles. It’s only a mile long, but it’s a fun mile.

Powder Mountain offers bike and protective gear rentals at Hidden Lake Lodge. Hidden Lake also has a pro shop with Pow Mow merch and protective gear in case you forgot your gloves or helmet. The crowds are light and the riding is great. Powder Mountain bike park operates Thursdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Friday-Sunday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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