Gear we love: Totem cams – GEAR:30

Totem cams are less prone to walking thanks to flexible dual stems and feature a narrow head width on small sizes for tricky placements. Thanks to the Totem-specific patented direct load system, users are able to load two lobes, a great feature for aid climbing or in place of offsets. Longer lobes and a unique camming angle gives Totems significant range and contact with the rock, effectively adding to holding power. Even the sling has been upgraded from the norm, with multiple clip-in points for aid climbers looking for the most out of every placement.

“There’s a lot of hype around Totems, but they live up to it and more,” says Cody Lee, climber and past GEAR:30 employee. “I’d recommend investing in the finger size and smaller totems (black through purple) – Those are the pieces you really need to trust, and the sizes I place most often.” 

GEAR:30’s Dallin Ruffell uses Totem cams and explains why they are different.

After bringing in Totem cams, they quickly became our best-selling cams in the shop. We talk about why on this episode of the GEAR:30 podcast.

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