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EPISODE 286: Upcoming Trips—City of Rocks, Kings Peak, Lovers Leap, Beartooth Basin

We discuss upcoming spring and summer trips including fitness levels required, logistics, and planning. Upcoming trip destinations include City of Rocks, ID; Kings Peak, Utah; Lovers Leap in the Lake Tahoe area of California; and Beartooth Basin, Montana.

EPISODE 289: Fave Trail Food

What’s your favorite trail food? We discuss our go-to trail eats and drinks along with some pro-tips of sorts for not bonking, and what to have in your cooler when returning to your car.

EPISODE 290: Basic Backpacking Questions Answered

When first beginning to backpack, you may have questions like what clothes to bring, how big of a pack should you consider, down or synthetic sleeping bag, etc. In this episode, we cover a bevy of “basic backpacking questions” based on our collective experience. 

EPISODE 292: Tiny Tenkara—New Product Alert

We recently brought in Tiny Tenkara to GEAR:30. Greg explains why out of all the Tenkara rods on the market, he chose Tiny Tenkara for our shop. And is already catching fish…

EPISODE 293: Sending “Terminal Cancer”

Listed as one of the 50 Classic Ski Descents in North America, Terminal Cancer resides in the Ruby Mountains of Nevada just off the highway, and spring is a great time to send it. A small crew from our shop made the trek, and here’s how it went.

EPISODE 295: Beginner Climbing Mistakes

Libby joins us on this podcast episode to go over beginner climbing mistakes.

EPISODE 296: Totem Cams (Best-Selling Cams!)

Totem cams have quickly become our best-selling cams in the shop. On this episode, we cover what they are and why people love them.

EPISODE 298: The Best Camping in Utah?

We found an internet article about the best places to camp in Utah. On this episode, we run through the list and see if we agree—and share a couple of “secret” spots we love.

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